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tv   France 24  LINKTV  October 23, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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but here -- >> here are the headlines. the canadian prime minister vows to double his fight against terrorism, this after to possible terror attacks there in just three days. for ex-employees of security firm blackwater are found guilty of killing 14 iraqi civilians in 2007 and could face engage in prison. and mexico's attorney general says a local mayor could be the mastermind behind the attack last month that led to the disappearance of 43 students.
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also coming up for you this hour in the press review, we will take a closer look at what the canadian papers are saying about the attack in ottawa. and it sounds like the movie "back to the future," but it's all business. a california company claims to have created a functioning hoverboards. we will have the details coming up in just a minute. ♪ we will start the hour in canada, where prime minister stephen harper has promised to step up his country's fight against terrorism, this following the second attack there in three days. on wednesday, he reported convert to islam with the gun rampage through parliament just hours after he allegedly shot
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dead a soldier at the national war memorial. for more, let's bring in an manual in ottawa. -- emanuel in on -- in ottawa. >> people are still in shock here in ottawa. it is a big city of 900,000. the mayor said yesterday it's only the fifth murder of the entire year in 2014. they're not used to this kind of drama. a big shock for people, and especially because of the security measures that were in place around parliament. all of the people that we talked to last night, they were all saying it is not the u.s. here
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and we are not obsessed with security and firearms. people can go freely in the parliament and we are proud of that. and that will stay, even with these attacks. >> what more details have come out about the alleged shooter? >> it is still not clear who exactly he is. it seems to be the case of a lone wolf. he acted alone, and from any hours yesterday, the police searched for another gun man but there were none. he has a criminal history in canada, especially for small things like robbery once, also some drug issues. in france, the one who talked to
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the canadian press -- press was talking about someone who converted to islam recently. he might have had a father who lived in libya. there are reports he went to libya in 2011 to fight against the regime of gaddafi. that is not confirmed by authorities. authorities have not confirmed anything except his identity. we should have more soon. >> thank you for that. now, a u.s. federal jury has found for former employees of the security firm blackwater guilty of killing innocent civilians in baghdad. the 2007 shootings barked an international outcry over the role of private security contractors in a war zone. the defendant had claimed it was
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an act of self-defense, but the jury found one guilty of murder and three others of voluntary manslaughter. all could face decades in prison. >> after 11 weeks of trial and years of legal battle, a verdict. a federal jury found for former -- four former blackwater security guards guilty of killing unarmed iraqis seven years ago. three of them are convicted of involuntary manslaughter, a force of murder. -- a fourth of murder. the accused open fire at a busy roundabout in september, 2007 leaving 30 dead or injured. they claimed self-defense, but witnesses said their act was unprovoked. the victims included women and children. the lawyers of at least two of the defendant said they will appeal the verdict.
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>> i will review our options and i expect we will appeal and continue to fight vigorously. but the security guard were first indicted in 2008, but the case was later dropped and later reinstated by an appeals court. some 30 iraqis flew to the united states to testify during a new trial that started last april. the shooting sparked fierce debate over the role of security contractors in a war zone. in 2009, the iraqi government rejected a renewed contract with blackwater. the company has since changed his name and relocated its headquarters but also recently emerged as another security firm with the contract with the u.s. government to protect officials in iraq. >> rocked by gunfire between police and what have been described as armed terrorists.
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police have been surrounding a house in the suburb of tunis. marie, what more can you tell us about the violence there today? >> so far sources on the ground say one policeman has been killed in the shootout, and several injured. the operation was launched early this morning around 6:00 a.m. in a working-class a neighborhood. security forces are surrounding the house, and snipers could be se roof of neighboring houses. it is quiet for now, but the operations and negotiations are still ongoing. >> this comes just three days after the country is due to vote in the first free elections since 2011.
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is the violence there indicative of conditions that many voters seem to have you ever >> -- seem to have? >> according to the interior minister, few security forces have been injured on the border with algeria. he warns there may be terrorist threats ahead of the elections. on tuesday, the tunisian prime minister told france running for the tens of thousands of men have been deployed on the territory, especially along the border with algeria and libya but also other sensitive areas on the ground. >> thanks for that. there is shock and anger in jerusalem after a palestinian drove his car into commuters who were waiting at a train stop. a three-month-old baby was killed during that attack. eight other people were hurt. the driver was then shot and
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killed by police as he ran from the car. the city has seen near daily attacks since the summer's war with gaza, and this latest incident has made those tensions even worse. jerusalem police have now said there will be zero tolerance toward anymore violence in the city. now we've got the latest on the investigation into the killing of seven french trappist monks during islam is linked violence 18 years ago in algeria. the lawyer for the monks families had slammed algerian authorities for not letting a french judge who had attended an exit nation of there are remains -- of their remains to bring samples back to france for closer examination. let's hear more from the family's lawyer. >> we are being prevented from accessing evidence that has been collected, not evidence that has yet to be found, but evidence that was collected and
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confiscated. the algerian authorities have confiscated this evidence in the continuation of the war we constantly come up against as the case developed. >> in mexico, the attorney general says a local mayor could be the mastermind behind the attack last month that led to the disappearance of 43 students . his comments came on the day that thousands marched in the southern city of the kuala -- iguala in protest. >> protesters stormed the town hall. they are angry at the disappearance of 43 students last month suspected to be at the hands of local officials colluding with a criminal gang. during the search for them authorities have come across 30 bodies in nine mass graves. dna tests show they are not those of the missing students. federal authorities have arrested at least two people with links to the gang
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including its alleged leader. but still on the run, the mayor his wife, and the police chief. the cocos attorney general said on tuesday that the three of them masterminded the attack against the students, to prevent them from disrupting a political event. >> what happened on the 26th of september constitutes a violent repression by the police, directed by the criminal group with the intent to dissuade a group of people to attend a celebration event for the mayor and his wife that night. >> many mexicans are unconvinced the authorities are carrying out a proper investigation and believe the corruption goes much higher up. 15,000 people marched through the capital on wednesday evening , calling for the resignation of the state governor and even that of the president. >> this was a crime of the state in the form of a crime of
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humanity, the forced disappearance of people, torture, summary execution. that is why we are the -- why we are here, for justice. >> amnesty international has a human rights commission to investigate what happened not just to the 43 students, but the tens of thousands of people whose does appearances have been blamed on drug games -- drug gangs since 2007. >> ebola virus has claimed order 500 people so far and spurred global drugmakers to get moving and find a vaccine. while they are all in the race to get ahead, it may not be in the best interest of their bottom line. >> the world's leading drugmakers have their attention fixed firmly on ebola. with the deadly virus now claiming the lives of over 4500 people mainly in west africa the world health organization has identified two potential ebola vaccines, one produced by
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the canadian government and the other by glaxosmithkline. trickle -- clinical trials are excited to begin by the end of november. >> we will have a large number of volunteers and it will be important in terms of determining the safety and effectiveness. >> johnson & johnson has also committed $200 million for the ebola program. while the company begins to -- expect to begin testing as early as january analysts are skeptical if finding an ebola vaccine will do more than grab headlines. >> it can be very hard for companies to capitalize in profit terms. i think lack so have a very clear plan to be one of the -- glaxo has a very clear plan to be one of the leaders, and it is important to demonstrate leadership they have in this product area. >> the pharmaceutical industry
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says it's important to have many vaccines in development, as it's not certain which ones will work. they have also said pulling -- pooling there be their resources together will help. >> the canadian prime minister said they will step up their fight against terrorism, this as they are hit with two potential terrorist attacks in three days. four blackwater employees could face decades in prison as they're convicted of murdering iraqis. in the murder -- and in mexico, the mayor and his wife are on the run, accusing the disappearance of 43 students. >> a company announced a bigger
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than forecast hole in its profits. they were off by some 330 million euros, that means pretax profit for the full year fell by 91.9%. and tesco shares made an equally dazzling fall over the past two months. during this time, tesco has lost more than 1/5 of its market value. the company was forced to scrap its full-year outlook because of uncertainties over the future of its performance. in early trading we saw tesco prices falling by as much as 6%. >> that obviously is grabbing headlines, but there were also concrete reasons for tesco's fall. >> that is right. it is the third largest retailer in the world. the company may have been too focused on international expansion, notably the disastrous attempt in the u.s. at the same time, this expansion
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cost money and those costs were passed on to customers. and they face competition from lower end rivals as well as of scale chains foot -- upscale chains. trading the market was down despite some positive economic data. unexpected business growth occurred in the you -- in the eurozone but with the warmer weather people were outside, not inside spending money. >> a strange side effect of global warming. let's take a look at some other business stories. >> in the next three years lloyds banking group is running to cut 9000 jobs, 1/10 of its entire workforce. this comes as customers turn to
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online banking incentive going to physical branches. a reduction in locations is also expected. and orange posted third-quarter's -- third-quarter results. the company needs to employ a steep cost cutting strategy to even out its profits as it thought subscribers to its faster mobile services. it is expected to meet its full-year target for operating cash flow in the range of 12 billion euros to 12.5 billion euros. nissan has recalled hundreds of thousands of vehicles globally that have dysfunctional airbags. there are 10 manufacturers that use the to conduct -- takata airbag. there could be 12 million vehicles worldwide that could be
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affected. but that is a lot of cars. -- >> that is a lot of cars. also on wednesday, uber drivers kicked off their so-called global day of protest. >> this is a company that has been causing a lot of fits for conventional taxi companies. drivers for the company themselves, uber drivers, said they wanted to demonstrate higher pay rate, lower fees, and a lower commission charge from uber, and also a tip option. uber, along with rivals have seen a germanic rise in popularity in their services. the company has a value it -- a dramatic rise in popularity in their services. the company has seen their value rise rapidly. many are saying that uber needs to share the wealth. >> and a company in california has said it has created a hover board. but the company -- >> the company is called hendo and they
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are saying you can get one for $10,000. they are even starting a kickstarter page where they are trying to raise a quarter million dollars in funds. but it does not look like a covering that much, actually. thank you for that look at business. it is time for the press review. florence is here with us on set. let's take a look at what is happening after the shooting in canada. >> a lot of reaction in canadian press today. let's look at the front page of the national post. it talks about terror on the hill. and the photo there on the front page is a woman attempting to resuscitate the soldier that was shot at the canadian war memorial. the ottawa citizen's talk about a day of chaos in the capital.
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stone halls echoed with gunfire and were stained with blood on wednesday. as the terrorists struck the heart of -- as the terrorist struck the heart of the ottawa government and its citizens. and another talks about homegrown terror in the heart of canada. the nation is reeling in shock echoing on the words of prime minister stephen harper, who also talked about the terrorist act. a tabloid says that canada is under siege. they really paid tribute to the soldier who was killed in the shooting. he has been identified as corporal nathan cirillo 24-year-old -- 24 years old, a father of a six euros. you can see they are paying tribute not only to him, but the canadian armed forces -- a father of a six-year-old. you can see they are paying to be not only to him, but the canadian armed forces in general. >> there has been a lot of focus on the gun man in the press and
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on who he is. >> that is right. information continues to trickle in. what we do know, according to the globe another canadian paper, is that he was born in canada in 1982. he was the son of a québec the zisman -- businessman who appears to have fought in 2011 in libya against moammar gadhafi's forces. and his mother was the deputy chairperson of canada's immigration and refugee board. lots of papers are focusing on the fact that he was a convert to islam. you can read about it in the ottawa citizen. he had been flagged as an at risk problem. one key question was, was he acting alone? a twitter account of the islamic state group tweets a photo that they claim is the shooting -- the shooter. but the montréal press says that he was a lone wolf. it says that he was just a
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mentally unstable former convict acting alone who had no links to the islamic state terror organization. another canadian born convert to islam on monday ran his car into matters of the armed forces, killing one of them. it is unclear whether or not those two incidents are, indeed related. one paper says both incidents raise serious questions about canada's intelligence services. you can see here it talks about the spectacular failure of the canada special forces. >> it is a strong ally of the united states and has been particularly targeted in the campaign against the us comic -- the islamic state group. >> stephen harper says the u.s. agenda has turned canada into a target and a divided society, on
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top of helping to -- pledging to help the u.s. campaign against the islamic state in iraq. the conservative government put together a list of muslims to watch out for, a watchlist. one paper says that canada, a multicultural society that prides itself on tolerance, is becoming divided. lots of papers were shocked that this would happen in canada. it's not a country that has a quotation of being a particularly dangerous ways. the daily beast talks about the end of canada's innocence. the safest country in the world is no longer a safe place. this article has raised a lot of criticism on social media. it is pointing out that canada is not a stranger to terrorism. there have been several terrorist attacks carried out by a separatist movement and the worst attack happened in 1985 when an indian flight from montréal exploded in mid flight,
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killing hundreds of canadians. >> one of the big questions being raised is what is next for canada. will it change it behavior? >> there are two pieces hereby a specialist in intelligence issues. he says that -- now, what should the reaction be? shouldn't be tough legislation more surveillance? he says the best response is to move forward, to take a deep breath and move forward, act normal. and one editorial actually agrees with this. it says, this has been a terrible week for canada. two soldiers are dead and there are many things to be mourned, but canada should not actually change the way it is. we are still here and the true north remains raw -- strong and free. >> thank you.
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